10:58am 04-27-2014
Sofia Joelsson
> Ellen I can't tell you but your portrait of Cashew has changed everything ! I landed yesterday and was able to bring "cashew" home with me and for the first time since Cashew passed I woke up this morning feeling grateful. I feel that you captured her soul and My spirit is lifted . I am so thankful for your gift of capturing my angel
4:40pm 04-11-2012
David Bachetti
Hi Ellen,

You've caught me dancing through my home with the portrait in hand, looking for that perfect place of honor to hang it. I've got a smile on my face from ear to ear - it is simply magnificent, Ellen! We absolutely love it.

Thank you so much again for this incredible treasure. You have exceeded our expectations 10 fold and you've made us incredibly happy. We can't wait to show our friends.

All very very very best, David.

Thank you so much for the wonderful painting of Sandy.
4:38pm 04-11-2012
Susan Stasaitis
Dear Ellen,

I am absolutely blown away by Miss Mel's have captured her perfectly and if the portrait looks lovely on line I cannot begin to imagine how magnificent it must look on the actual canvas. Thank you so very much....I also LOVE the background....she is always hanging out in the garden area.....she is hoping to come upon an unsuspecting chipmunk that she can chase into the woods!!!!